Frequently asked questions

When will my order be shipped?

We process most orders within 24 hours. Within 24hrs of us receiving payment you will receive a tracking link, and depending on which shipping method you choose delivery time can be anywhere from 3-20 days. Typically with Xpresspost orders will arrive in 5-7 business days anywhere in Canada (2-3 Business Days for Western Canada)

How do you ship your packages?

All orders are securely packed and shipped discreetly via the shipping method of your choice. We use cardboard packaging, with no way of seeing what is inside.

How do I pay?

We accept Interac E-transfer and Cryptocurrency payment. Payment details will be provided during the checkout process.

Do you sell larger quantities?

No, we sell only the items we have listed in our shop.

Which Countries do you ship to?

Only within Canada. No International or United States shipping.

Can microdose capsules be used for a full psychedelic experience?

Yes they can be, however this is not necessarily their intended purpose.

If you do wish to use microdose capsules in a larger dose, we highly recommend making a tea, and emptying the capsules into it, as this will allow you to benefit the most from the dosage taken. In addition, waiting at least two days after microdosing to allow your receptors to clear will also greatly enhance the experience.

How do you recommend storing your products?

The best way to store our products, is at room temperture out of direct sunlightand in a dry place. No refrigeration is needed, excessive heat or cold can cause them to degrade. They will easily last a year in the appropriate conditions.

What is your shipping policy for undelivered orders?

If your order never arrived, we will be happy yo reship it for you. However, in cases where the tracking information shows the item was delivered, we cannot reship or provide a refund.

What is your return policy?

In order to be able to maintain a certain amount of discretion, we are not able to accept returns, so all sales are final.